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The “Ministry of Health Research Proposal Guideline”  is one more in a series of information that is designed to add some more impetus to the system and process of administrative management of research activities within the Ministry. It is designed to guide the researcher through the myriad of explanations and answers that are required for compiling the research proposal form for submission to the Research and Ethical Review & Approval Committee (RERAC) and regional research committees. 


Download MoH-CSR Research Proposal Guideline


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  • Galal M. Ismail

    Comments on the Proposal

     A positive impact of the intervention is already evident in the title. In that case, what is the relevance of this study?
     I suggest the title to be rewritten to “The impact of a multifaceted intervention on antibiotic prescribing on URT infections in primary care: A Randomised Controlled Trial”
     Though a multifaceted intervention is mentioned, the method section describes only ONE-hour theory session to the experimental group. Need a better description about how multifaceted the intervention will be.
    Problem statement
     Research problem is described across the proposal. However, a clear and concise problem statement is missing. Review statements for more focused research problem.
     How do each of the outcome measures will be explicitly studied? For example, if we need to study overprescribing or under prescribing, what is the criteria/standard against which this behavior will be compared?
     What are the elements considered to prescribing [you mentioned the signs and symptoms during the meeting], how about the social element and how about the clinician knowledge of practice?]
     Study design: Appears to be a complex one. Cluster block randomized design would probably need to study the prescribing pattern for different URT infection types (blocks) in a cluster of URT infection cases. It is not very clear if that is the primary objective of the study or not. However, a clear description of the selection of study design is necessary as even an individually randomized controlled trials are very difficult to run.
     Ethical issues with the grouping and the control group is an issue to be clear about it.
     Clinicians who will join or attend for the orientation would they communicate with their peers? So the peers might change their prescribing pattern.
    General comments
     The topic is valid and will serve the local as to share in staff development, to save money and to participate in reducing the chance of resistance. It will work as orientation workshop to the clinicians.
     It would look better if the Author / Authors reviewed the following;
    o Problem statement
    o Criteria of selecting the subjects with consideration to the prescribing drive & ethical issues.
    o Considering dependent and independent variables.
    o Study design – justification of selected study design, randomization procedure, a description on intervention and data analysis techniques (statistical tests), etc.

    May 21, 2019 at 1:25 pm Reply
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