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The “Ministry of Health Research Proposal Guideline”  is one more in a series of information that is designed to add some more impetus to the system and process of administrative management of research activities within the Ministry. It is designed to guide the researcher through the myriad of explanations and answers that are required for compiling the research proposal form for submission to the Research and Ethical Review & Approval Committee (RERAC) and regional research committees. 


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  • Abeer Al Zadjali

    Attachment:  THESIS.docx

    Research protocol

    PROPOSED PROJECT TITLE: A survey of the perception of physiotherapists and doctors in Oman to physiotherapy autonomy and direct access practice.
    Although physiotherapy autonomy is recognized by the World confederation of physical therapy (WCPT,2007a), the level of autonomy differs in many countries. (Massey,2001)
    The current physiotherapy referral system in Oman is dependent on physicians. A medical referral is required for physiotherapists to operate in both private and public sectors, with physiotherapists acting as a secondary point of contact. Resulting in the physiotherapist having limited liberty in practice, especially in the management of patients in the in-patient setup. Due to a lack of standardized guidelines regulating the job description of physiotherapists, often there is a variation in the scenarios encountered in the process of referring a patient to physiotherapy. It is not unusual to receive prescription-based referrals, frequency and duration of treatment desired and in some instances, patients deemed unfit for physiotherapy.
    Studies show that direct access to physiotherapy in outpatient settings and as primary contact practitioners is associated with equal or better patient outcomes, decreased health care costs and improved access as well as patient satisfaction and positive reviews from other stakeholders. There are no studies which explore physiotherapy perceived autonomy and first contact practice in the in-patient settings.

    A survey questionnaire of the perceptions of physiotherapists and doctors in Oman to physiotherapy autonomy and direct access practice in the in-patient settings.
    • To explore the current role and scope of practice in Oman and views of physiotherapists and physicians on professional autonomy .
    • To evaluate the awareness of physiotherapists and doctors towards the autonomous status of the profession, as stated by WCPT (2007)
    • To create awareness regarding the benefits of this approach on patient outcomes, health costs and ease of access.
    • To determine potential facilitators and barriers towards physiotherapists acting autonomously and as primary contact practitioners in an in-patient setting.
    • Undertaking this study will help to educate other team members on the scope of physiotherapy and bridge the gap between physiotherapists and other professionals in the multidisciplinary team, to work in collaboration and provide effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies benefiting the patient.

    • Conducting an online survey directed to physiotherapists, including questions about their entry level qualification/years of experience/speciality/area of expertise and awareness of physiotherapy autonomy.
    • Their experience working with a multidisciplinary team and their perception towards the concept of self-referring patients based on their own assessment and planning an effective management.
    • A questionnaire directed to doctors to know their perceptions on the concept of physiotherapists practicing independently and decision making. Their views on the potential pitfalls to this approach.

    Permissions from the Commanding Officer Armed Forces Hospital Oman, the Head of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation department. Awaiting approval.

    Permission from the research committee at the Ministry of Health, Oman. Awaiting approval.

    2.STUDY DESIGN – A questionnaire-based online survey.

    a) The study will be conducted at the Armed forces hospital, government sector hospital in Muscat Oman and the Royal hospital Muscat Oman.
    b) Target population: physiotherapists and doctors in government sector hospitals in Oman.
    c) Inclusion criteria- Qualification: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. PT with> 2 years work experience, PT with in-patient and critical care work experience. Doctors (anaesthetists, ICU intensivists, general physicians, orthopaedics, neurosurgeons)
    d) Exclusion criteria- Qualifications: Diploma, PT 10 years’ experience, UCL professors.
    • Getting approval for the questionnaire.

    Surveymonkey.com, wen platform will be used. Link will be sent through email to the participants.
    STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Descriptive statistics.
    • Positive findings from this survey will help raise awareness about physiotherapy autonomy in Oman along with its benefits.
    • The study will add to professional development of physiotherapists.
    • It will aid in efficient time management, to focus on the areas where PT can provide quality treatment and benefit the patients.
    • Timely management of patients.
    • Avoiding waste of resources.

    March 30, 2020 at 11:30 pm Reply
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