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NCD Survey 2017 Results Dissemination in Al-Wusta Governorate

Training Date:02nd December, 2019
Training Location: Al-Wusta
Training Time: 9:30
Training Language: Arabic
Training Audience: Researchers, Stakeholders

The results of the National Survey for Non-communicable Diseases provide various key health indicators on risk factors of Non-Communicable Diseases and are extremely important for planners and decision-makers in the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to develop evidence-based future plans to address non-communicable diseases in order to modify unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, the Centre of Studies & Research will circulate & disseminate the results of the survey to stakeholders of Al-Wusta governorate to stress the importance and contribution of these results in preparing an implementation plan for Al-Wusta in addressing the most important health problems and challenges related to them.
  Workshop objectives
  • Presenting national NCD indicators
  • Presenting NCD indicators related to Al-Wusta
  • Highlighting the most important health challenges in Al-Wusta based on the results of the survey and proposing appropriate solutions