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NCD Survey 2017 Results Dissemination in Dhofar Governorate

Training Date:29th December, 2019
Training Location: Dhofar
Training Time: 9:30
Training Language: Arabic
Training Audience: Researchers, Stakeholders

The results of the National Survey for Non-communicable Diseases provide various key health indicators on risk factors of Non-Communicable Diseases and are extremely important for planners and decision-makers in the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to develop evidence-based future plans to address non-communicable diseases in order to modify unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, the Centre of Studies & Research will circulate & disseminate the results of the survey to stakeholders of Dhofar governorate to stress the importance and contribution of these results in preparing an implementation plan for Dhofar in addressing the most important health problems and challenges related to them.
  Workshop objectives
  • Presenting national NCD indicators
  • Presenting NCD indicators related to Dhofar
  • Highlighting the most important health challenges in Dhofar based on the results of the survey and proposing appropriate solutions