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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 Single versus double dose Magnisum Sulfate in the treatment of moderate to severe asthma in children in the emergency department Noora Nasser Al-Alawi (Emerency resident) The Royal Hospital / Muscat Clinical Trial February 24, 2020 View Summary 
2 Objective Lesion Heterogeneity Assessment using Standard Deviation (SD) and mean Hounsfield Units (HU) on Plain CT KUB to Differentiate between benign renal cysts and solid masses/complex cystic lesions. Nahid Al-qanubi (Doctor) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Cohort December 12, 2020 View Summary 
3 the national survey on the level of community awareness, attitudes and practices related to tuberculosis in the Sultanate of Oman Sulien (Directorate of communicable diseases) MoH Headquarters / Directorate General for Disease Surveillance and Control National Non - Clinical Qualitative February 1, 2021 View Summary 
4 prevalence of brucellosis in tertiary hospital in Oman ALanood Abdullah Alhikmani (doctor) The Royal Hospital / OMSB Muscat Cohort February 18, 2020 View Summary 
5 Malleus Relocation in Ossicular Reconstruction by using autologous incus: new ossiculoplasty technique, Al-Nahdah hospital experience Zaina Khalfan Al Dhahli (ENT medical officer ) Muscat / Al Nahdhah hospital Muscat Cohort December 27, 2020 View Summary 
6 Identifying the frequency of Acatalasemia and mutational analysis of the CAT gene of deficient cases of the Omani population: An attempt to uncover the uncertainties surrounding oxidative stress. Mohammed Abdullah Adim Hamed Al-shuhoumi (BSC medical laboratory technologist) Al-Dhahira / PI; Ibri hospital, lab department, BSC medical laboratory technologist and research focal point. Co-PI; UK, Nottingham trent university, BSC biomedical science, senior most student (Final year, student number: T0090973). Multi-regional Mixed/Multiple Decision October 15, 2020 View Summary 
7 A national study on the Prevalence, Genotype and Risk Factors of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection among Omani Women. Dr. Fatma Ali Ramadan (Sr. Consultant, Histopathology) The Royal Hospital / Ministry of Health, The Royal Hospital National Non - Clinical Qualitative January 26, 2021 View Summary 
8 Prevalence, Associated Factors and Outcome of Dysphagia among Stroke Patients in Oman. Raya Al-Mamari (mater's student SQU) Khoula Hospital / sultan Qaboos University Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative January 31, 2021 View Summary 
9 Prospective cohort study of Efficacy of Montelukast in Omani COVID -19 patients admitted in AL Nahdha hospital DR.Thuraya Ahmed Hamood Al Shidhani (Senior Specialist Sports Medicine Physician/Family Physician, Academic Fellowship) Muscat / Diwan Health Complex Muscat Clinical Trial September 27, 2020 View Summary 
10 Oman Nursing Training Institutes -Nurse educators’ workplace empowerment, burnout, and job Satisfaction: Testing Kanter’s theory Glenn Ford D. Valdez (Assistant Tutor ) Dhofar / Salalah Nursing Institute National Non - Clinical Qualitative February 7, 2017 View Summary 
11 Prevalence and Correlates of Depressive Symptoms among Patients with Chronic Pain Disorder attending Specialized Pain Clinics in Tertiary Hospitals in Muscat: A cross-sectional and correlative study Dr. Mohamed Hamed Mohamed AL Shukaili (Psychiatry resident) Muscat / Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) Multi-regional Non - Clinical Qualitative March 12, 2019 View Summary 
12 Exploratory study on the factors impacting use of telemedicine clinics in a tertiary care hospital Jehan Al Fannah (Performance Improvement ) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Qualitative August 15, 2020 View Summary 
13 Outcome of Tempromandibular joints arthroscopy lysis and lavage under general anesthesia,after unsuccessful arthrocentesis, a ten years retrospective study at Al-Nahda hospital,Oman. Dr Ibtisam AlMamari (Resident OMFS) Muscat / Al Nahda hospital Muscat Cohort November 16, 2020 View Summary 
14 Incidence Of Left vs Right Internal Jugular Venous Catheter Malposition In Pediatric Patients With Congenital Heart Disease MADAN MOHAN MADDALI (SENIOR CONSULTANT) The Royal Hospital / ROYAL HOSPITAL Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative September 27, 2020 View Summary 
15 Surgical Site Infections among Patients Undergoing Craniotomy in Neurosurgery center in Oman ; prevalence ,risk factors ,clinical outcome , microbiology features (January 2009-January 2019) Aaisha AlBalushi (Resident) Khoula Hospital / OMSB Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative January 21, 2021 View Summary 
16 The retrospective study of the prevalence of anosmia, taste loss and other oral manifestations among health workers in Muscat, Oman Dr Amar Kashmiri (Senior Consultant Emergency Physician) Khoula Hospital / Khoula Hospital/Oman Dental college Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative November 29, 2020 View Summary 
17 Holistic approach of adrenal MRI in differentiating adrenal adenoma from other lesions based on a scoring system Fatma Mohammed Al Hajri (Resident ) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Cohort January 25, 2021 View Summary 
18 Hospital associated measles outbreak lessons learned and challenges. Zaina Al Maskari (Director, IP&C&OS) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative December 19, 2020 View Summary 
19 Prevalence of depression and anxiety in patients with Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus Following up At Royal Hospital in Oman Dr.Amal AL Fahdi (sr. specialist (consultation liaison psychiatry)) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative August 17, 2020 View Summary 
20 The Impact of Implementing Quality Improvement Tools on the Outcome of Pediatric Patients with Septic Shock: A Tertiary Hospital Experience Suad Salim Al-Ismaili (S Consultant) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative September 11, 2020 View Summary