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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 Prospective cohort study of Efficacy of Montelukast in Omani COVID -19 patients admitted in AL Nahdha hospital DR.Thuraya Ahmed Hamood Al Shidhani (Senior Specialist Sports Medicine Physician/Family Physician, Academic Fellowship) Muscat / Diwan Health Complex Muscat Clinical Trial September 27, 2020 View Summary 
2 The impact of dry eye on the visual acuity and contrast sensitivity Wasal Abdallah Al-Muaini (student ) North Batinah / University of Buraimi North Batinah Non - Clinical Qualitative March 1, 2021 View Summary 
3 Perception of Students and Healthcare Professionals towards Covid-19 Vaccine Dr. Zalikha Al-Marzouqi (Sr. Science teacher B) North Batinah / Oman College of Health Sciences, North Batinah Branch North Batinah Qualitative January 5, 2021 View Summary 
4 Nurses’ knowledge, Source of Information, Preparedness, Risk Perception, and Attitudes Regarding COVID-19 Judie Arulappan (Assistant Professor ) Muscat / College of Nursing, Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative March 22, 2021 View Summary 
5 The Effect of Satisfaction with Work-Life Balance on Mental Well- Being of Healthcare Professionalsin Oman Dr Sameer Al Adawi (Prof) Muscat / SQUH Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative April 5, 2021 View Summary 
6 Perspectives of academic staff of pharmacy program and their students at Oman College for Health Sciences (OCHS) towards interprofessional education – a cross-sectional survey asma hamed nasser almatani (assistant pharmacist ) DGHRD REC / Robert Gordon university Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative January 14, 2021 View Summary 
7 Single versus double dose Magnesium Sulfate in the treatment of moderate to severe asthma in children in the emergency department Noora Nasser Al-Alawi () The Royal Hospital / Muscat Clinical Trial February 28, 2021 View Summary 
8 Reported side effects post COVID-19 vaccinations from primary health care in Muscat region Thamra Alghafri (Senior Consultant) Muscat / Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative March 14, 2021 View Summary 
9 The utilization of 4D flow CMR in the comparison of flow and growth of pulmonary arteries post interventions in patients with ductal-dependent pulmonary flow Faiza Abdullah Al Kindi (Sr onsultant Radiologist) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Cohort January 21, 2020 View Summary 
10 Malleus Relocation in Ossicular Reconstruction by using autologous incus: new ossiculoplasty technique, Al-Nahdah hospital experience Zaina Khalfan Al Dhahli (ENT medical officer ) Muscat / Al Nahdhah hospital Muscat Cohort December 27, 2020 View Summary 
11 A comparison of propofol-sevoflurane versus propofol alone for laryngeal mask airway insertion in adults Alyaa Ali (doctor ) Khoula Hospital / Khoula Hospital / Oman Medical speciality Board Muscat Clinical Trial May 3, 2020 View Summary 
12 Maternal and Perinatal outcomes of sub-optimal Interpregnancy Interval in Oman: A cross sectional comparative study Amira Abdullah Saleh Al Rumhi (MSN student ) National / Sultan Qaboos University National Non - Clinical Qualitative March 29, 2021 View Summary 
13 Pregnancy, Fetal and Neonatal outcomes among women with Sickle cell disease: A case control study Salwa Al Harthi (MSN student ) National / Sultan Qaboos University National Non - Clinical Qualitative March 29, 2021 View Summary 
14 Prevalence of Macroprolactin in patients receiving anti-psychotics Loai Ali Al Mortada Al Wasify (Lab. Specilaist Doctor) Muscat / Al Masarra Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision March 20, 2020 View Summary 
15 Association between the use of Proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and severe clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients: A retrospective observational study Sharon Pinto (Medical Officer) Muscat / Directorate General of Health Service Muscat Cohort January 16, 2021 View Summary 
16 Maternal and neonatal outcomes of pregnant women with COVID-19: A multi-center case-control comparative international study in seven Arabic countries Iman Al Hashmi (Assistant Professor , Sultan Qaboos University, College of Nursing ) MoH Headquarters / Sultan Qaboos Univeristy Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative February 7, 2021 View Summary 
17 The Influence of Perceived Stigma and Loneliness on Health-Related Quality of Life for Patients with Cancer in Oman Fawwaz Alalou (Associate Professor ) The Royal Hospital / Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative March 14, 2021 View Summary 
18 Demographic, laboratory and clinical predictors of recurrent heart failure admissions: Double-centered data in Omani population. Dr Fahad Al Kindi (consultant Doctor) The Royal Hospital / OMSB Muscat Cohort March 17, 2021 View Summary 
19 Genetic Study of Omani patients with Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome or Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Dr. Intisar Al Alawi (Genetic Laboratory Specialist) The Royal Hospital / National Genetic Centre, The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision January 30, 2021 View Summary 
20 Inappropriate eating behaviors during pregnancy : prevalence and association with sociodemographic characteristics among pregnant women attending primary care in Muscat JAWAHER ALHAMIMI (resident) Muscat / Oman medical specialty board Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative December 1, 2020 View Summary