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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 Catatonia Phenomenology and Treatment Response in Inpatient Psychiatry Units: A Retrospective Study from Oman MOHAMMED MUBARAK MOHAMMED AL-ZADJALI (DOCTOR (RESIDENT)) Muscat / OMSB Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative December 26, 2020 View Summary 
2 Evidence-Based Practice: Knowledge, attitudes, practice and perceived barriers among nurses at Royal Hospital Fatma Al Rahbi (SSN, Nephrology nurse) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision January 8, 2021 View Summary 
3 prevalence and correlates of depressive and anxiety symptoms in Thalassemic and sickle cell disease patients attending Tertiary Care Hospitals in Oman dr.Siham Humaid AL Shamli (psychiatry resident) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital ,hematology department Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative August 28, 2020 View Summary 
4 Epidemiological description of workplace and dormitories COVID-19 clusters in Muscat governorate Dr.Fatma Al Fahdi (head section-environmental and occupational health) Muscat / Directorate General of Health Services-Muscat Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative September 25, 2020 View Summary 
5 Delay in Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Among Omani Women- A qualitative study Dr Mohammed Hilal Al-Azri (Associate Professor & Senior Consultant/ SQUMuscat, Oman. ) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Qualitative October 25, 2018 View Summary 
6 Perinatal depression in Oman: An exploration of prevalence, risk factors, experiences and views of women and health care professionals. Khalood Al Abri (Postgraduate Researcher Student) MoH Headquarters / The University of Manchester International Mixed/Multiple Decision December 10, 2019 View Summary 
7 Healthcare Workers and COVID 19 Vaccination: Demography, Knowledge, Awareness, Perceptions and Acceptability. Dr Faryal AL Lawatia (Consultant infectious diseases) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision January 5, 2021 View Summary 
8 A comparison of propofol-sevoflurane versus propofol alone for laryngeal mask airway insertion in adults Alyaa Ali (doctor ) Khoula Hospital / Khoula Hospital / Oman Medical speciality Board Muscat Clinical Trial May 3, 2020 View Summary 
9 Characteristics of the Red Blood Cell (RBC) phenotype of Donors in Oman Dr. Zainab Alarimi (Consultant Haematopathologist) MoH Headquarters / Department of Blood Bank SERVICES Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative March 13, 2016 View Summary 
10 Knowledge Sources among Health Care Workers during CoVID-19 pandemic: COVID-19 isolation wards in AL-Nhdha Hospital as example. Fatma Mahmood AL-Bahanta (medical librarian) Muscat / ALNahdha Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative October 15, 2020 View Summary 
11 The National Registry Of Glomerular diseases In Oman Over A Period Of 11 Years (2006-2017) Dr.Muna Salim Sulaiman Al-Ruhaili (internal medicine Resident ) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision May 5, 2018 View Summary 
12 A qualitative exploration of barriers and facilitators experienced by health care professionals in promoting physical activity for adults with type 2 diabetes attending primary health care facilities in Muscat Emma Gibson (PhD Candidate ) National / Sultan Qaboos University / Birmingham City University (UK) Muscat Qualitative December 21, 2019 View Summary 
13 COVID-19 vaccination for adult patients with End Stage kidney disease on Hemodialysis- Evaluation of those Accepted Vs those Refuse Vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine-WHO approved in 31/12/2020 to be used) Ahmed Atris (Nephrologist) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision January 3, 2021 View Summary 
14 Knowledge and use of zinc supplementation in the management of childhood diarrhea among health care providers in the primary health care settings. Yusra Al Nasiri (Assistant Professor) Muscat / Oman College of Health Sciences Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative November 16, 2020 View Summary 
15 Health-related Quality of Life in Colorectal Cancer Survivors dr. mohammed al-azri (Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman) The Royal Hospital / Sultan Qaboos University The Royal Hospital Non - Clinical Qualitative October 25, 2020 View Summary 
16 Early Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Type II in Oman using Artificial Intelligence Khoula Ali Saleh Al Sadi (Head of section IT , PhD Researcher) National / Brunel University National Mixed/Multiple Decision December 1, 2020 View Summary 
17 Exploring the Spiritual Lives of Parents of Children with Special Needs in Oman: A Photovoice Study Nuha Alshaaili (PhD student/ Senior Occupational Therapist ) The Royal Hospital / University of Sheffield Muscat Qualitative December 8, 2020 View Summary 
18 Predictive Accuracy of the Wells score for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in pregnant and postpartum women. Dr.Sumaiya Saif AlAamri (consultant, Royal Hospital) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative December 19, 2020 View Summary 
19 Single versus double dose Magnisum Sulfate in the treatment of moderate to severe asthma in children in the emergency department Noora Nasser Al-Alawi (Emerency resident) The Royal Hospital / Muscat Clinical Trial February 24, 2020 View Summary 
20 Exploring Access to primary health care among Type II Diabetic patients in Oman Deena Al-Asfoor (Expert ) MoH Headquarters / University of Oxford National Mixed/Multiple Decision April 4, 2017 View Summary