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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 Healthcare professionals attitude toward mental health-ill clients in Al Masarra Hospital : a cross sectional study from Oman Marwa AL Abdali (doctor) Muscat / oman medical specialty board Muscat Qualitative March 5, 2020 View Summary 
2 Comparison between 50 ml Vs 100 ml of Snake Anti-Venom Administration in Severe Snake Envenomation In Oman Dr. Sarmad Salmeen (Emergency resident ) The Royal Hospital / Oman Medical Specialty Board Multi-regional Clinical Trial October 8, 2019 View Summary 
3 Depression in End Stage Renal Disease Patients on Hemodialysis in Oman Amal Khalfan Al-Sharji (Master Nursing Student) Muscat / SQU, College of Nursing Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative May 5, 2020 View Summary 
4 the effectiveness of stress management in improving the quality of life for patient with schizophrenia shaika al-abdali (occupational therapy ) Muscat / Almasarra hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative May 28, 2020 View Summary 
5 Single versus double dose Magnisum Sulfate in the treatment of moderate to severe asthma in children in the emergency department Noora Nasser Al-Alawi (Emerency resident) The Royal Hospital / Muscat Clinical Trial February 24, 2020 View Summary 
6 Detection of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oman using ELISA test. Why do some patients develop severe illness while others do not? Iman Nasr (Consultant Immunologist) The Royal Hospital / Ministry of Health ( Ethical approval from MOH) Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision May 29, 2020 View Summary 
7 Hypocalcemia and Vitamin D levels in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Royal Hospital, Oman Dr Faryal Khamis (Infectious Diseases Consultant) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative July 2, 2020 View Summary 
8 The clinical characteristics of Corona Virus Disease 2019 in pregnant women: A study from a tertiary hospital in Oman Salwa ALUbaidani (Specialist) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Cohort June 23, 2020 View Summary 
9 Favipiravir Open Label Clinical Study Evaluation in COVID 19 Patients: Clinical, laboratory and imaging features Outcomes of COVID-19 hospitalized patients in Oman. Faryal Khamis (ID Consultant) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision June 16, 2020 View Summary 
10 The Impact of Organisational Socialisation on Employee Performance and Retention at the Emergency Departments of Omani Hospitals Utilising Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods Fadhila Alhajri (Postgraduate Student) MoH Headquarters / Swansea University Muscat Qualitative September 1, 2019 View Summary 
11 Oman Nursing Training Institutes -Nurse educators’ workplace empowerment, burnout, and job Satisfaction: Testing Kanter’s theory Glenn Ford D. Valdez (Assistant Tutor ) Dhofar / Salalah Nursing Institute National Non - Clinical Qualitative February 7, 2017 View Summary 
12 Clinical Descriptive Study of Serial Case reporting of Stroke and Confirmed or Supected COVID 19 cases From the Middle East and North Africa Stroke and Interventional Neurotherapies Organization. Amal Al Hashmi (Sr Consultant Neurologist) Khoula Hospital / Ministry of Health of Oman/ Khoula hospital Muscat Cohort May 27, 2020 View Summary 
13 Blood Biomarkers as Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools in Omani COVID-19 Patients Dr. Awf Abdulrahman Al-Khan (Lab tech) North Batinah / Suhar Hospital National Mixed/Multiple Decision May 10, 2020 View Summary 
14 IAEA Study on use of CT in patient with COVID-19 pneumonia Rashid AL Umairi (Cardiothoracic Radiology Consultant) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Cohort June 1, 2020 View Summary 
15 Nurses’ genomic knowledge and their perceived role and responsibilities in genetic healthcare Cherry Ann C. Ballad (Lecturer) Muscat / (1) College of Nursing and College of Science, Sultan Qaboos University and (2) Directorate General of Nursing Affairs, Ministry of Health Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative November 7, 2019 View Summary 
16 test 1234 2222244 () MoH Headquarters / MoH Headquarters Non - Clinical Qualitative July 1, 2020 View Summary 
17 Lived Experience of Postmenopausal Omani Women with Osteoporosis Faiza Abdullah Al Zadjali (PhD Student ) DGHRD REC / Oman College of Health Science Muscat Qualitative May 14, 2020 View Summary 
18 Identifying COVID-19 Specific miRNAs as a Potential Therapeutic Target Dr. Zuhair Saleh Alsulti (HOD Pharmacy and medical store at Al Nahdha Hospital) Muscat / Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision June 3, 2020 View Summary 
19 Analysis of Gut Microbiota of Healthy Individuals Living in Different Geographical Regions of Oman: A pilot Study Mohamed Ali Borghan (Associate Professor) North Batinah / National University of Science and Technology North Batinah Mixed/Multiple Decision January 1, 2020 View Summary 
20 Experience of Primary Health Care Physicians with Telephone Consultation during COVID-19 Pandemic in Muscat, Oman Said Ahmed Said Al Hasani (Senior medical officer ) Muscat / Directorate general of health services, Muscat Muscat Qualitative May 14, 2020 View Summary