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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 Uptake rates, knowledge, and barriers to seasonal influenza vaccination among healthcare workers: A cross-sectional study Salah Al Awaidy (ٍSr.Consultant Medical Epidemiologist) South Batinah / Disease Surveillance and control South Batinah Non - Clinical Qualitative March 19, 2019 View Summary 
2 Knowledge, Attitude and practice of Primary health care physician regarding Tobacco dependence treatment in Muscat Governorate: cross-sectional study Yaqoub Marhoun said Alsaidi (Family physician SQUH) Muscat / Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative May 12, 2019 View Summary 
3 The Role of Hospital Work Environments on Enhancing the Quality of Patients’ Care and Nurse Outcomes in the Sultanate of Oman Sulaiman Dawood Al Sabei (Assistant Professor) The Royal Hospital / Sultan Qaboos University National Non - Clinical Qualitative February 1, 2019 View Summary 
4 Celiac Disease in Oman: Case finding study among adult Omani patients with unexplained iron deficiency anemia at primary care setting Safa Khamis Amur Ambusaidi (doctor) Muscat / OMSB Muscat Cohort October 4, 2018 View Summary 
5 Rate and factors associated with missed hospital appointment among out-patients Clinics at Royal Hospital, Sultanate of Oman. Ahmed Alawadhi (Lecturer) DGHRD REC / University of Manchester,Centre for Health Informatics Muscat Cohort March 5, 2019 View Summary 
6 Satisfaction With Life Among Living Kidney Donors after one year of donation. Fatma Hamood AlRahbi (nephrology nurse) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative December 26, 2018 View Summary 
7 Prevalence and Perceived Learning Needs of Metabolic Syndrome among Omani Adults in Manah, Nizwa Paula Dianna Zaplan () Al-Dhakiliyah / University of Nizwa Al-Dhakiliyah Non - Clinical Qualitative April 16, 2019 View Summary 
8 Catheter-Related Atrial Thrombus (CRAT)Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients that being Admitted at Nephrology Departments, the Royal Hospital: Prevention Strategy. Dr Kumayl Al Lawati (Cardiologist) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision May 5, 2019 View Summary 
9 Disaster preparedness and management: the role of nurses in Oman Joy Kabasindi Kamanyire (Lecturer) DGHRD REC / College of Nursing, Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision October 31, 2018 View Summary 
10 Is Nifedipine superior to Atosiban for tocolysis in preterm labor?: A multicentre randomized control clinical trial Nihal Mohamed Al Riyami (senior consultant ) Khoula Hospital / Khoula Hospital Muscat Clinical Trial September 10, 2018 View Summary 
11 Severe imported malaria in an intensive care unit in a tertiary hospital in Oman over 5 years (2012 – 2017): A Case Series Fatma Abdulaziz Al-Farsi (Medical Microbiology resident) The Royal Hospital / Oman Medical Specialty Abroad The Royal Hospital Mixed/Multiple Decision September 29, 2018 View Summary 
12 DNA methylation-based biomarkers for respiratory disease development and progression in Al Batinah North Governorate in Oman Souad AL-OKLA (Associate Professor) North Batinah / Oman Medical College (OMC) Sohar Campus North Batinah Mixed/Multiple Decision June 7, 2017 View Summary 
13 Workplace violence against staff in emergency department Hafsa Omar AL-Shuraiqi (emergency resident in Oman medical specialties board ) The Royal Hospital / Oman medical speciality board Multi-regional Non - Clinical Qualitative May 14, 2018 View Summary 
14 Evaluation Study of Alinity h-series Hussein Al Lawati (Heam Lab CMLSO) The Royal Hospital / Oman Medical Speciality Board (OMSB ), The Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative April 11, 2019 View Summary 
15 High-resolution Computed Tomography Findings in Patients with Pulmonary Nocardiosis Rashid AL Umairi (Cardiothoracic Radiologist) The Royal Hospital / The Royal hospital Muscat Cohort January 20, 2019 View Summary 
16 Can diffusion-weighted imaging be used as a reliable sequence to differentiate between benign and malignant pulmonary nodules? Rashid Saif AL Umairi (Cardiothoracic Radiologist) The Royal Hospital / The Royal hospital Muscat Cohort May 5, 2019 View Summary 
17 Rituximab Utilization, at The Royal Hospital: Clinical Indications, Laboratory Findings and Outcomes, the Royal Hospital. ahmad atheel kamona (clinical pharmacist) The Royal Hospital / The Pharmacy Department, The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision May 5, 2019 View Summary 
18 Essential hypertension vs Secondary hypertension among children: single tertiary hospital experience. Suad Hamood al Jardani (doctor) The Royal Hospital / ministory of health Muscat Qualitative April 23, 2019 View Summary 
19 Sickle cell disease: Assessment on clinical presentation and comorbidity, and impact on quality of life in patients attending Royal Hospital Khadija Al Lamki (Doctor) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision April 28, 2019 View Summary 
20 Pediatric Liver Transplant: Epidemiology, Demography, Indications, Medications and Complications Among Patients attending the Royal Hospital Dr Khoula Al Said (Pediatric GastroenterologistEndocrinologist) The Royal Hospital / The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision August 5, 2018 View Summary