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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 Assessing the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Omani staff members working in public and private sector towards Non Communicable Diseases and the National Screening program of these Diseases in Oman. Ms Fatma Al Jardani (National Coordinator National NCD Screening program ) MoH Headquarters / Department of Non Communicable Diseases , Directorate General of Primary Health Care Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative October 4, 2018 View Summary 
2 Disaster preparedness and management: the role of nurses in Oman Joy Kabasindi Kamanyire (Lecturer) DGHRD REC / College of Nursing, Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision October 31, 2018 View Summary 
3 The Role of Hospital Work Environments on Enhancing the Quality of Patients’ Care and Nurse Outcomes in the Sultanate of Oman Sulaiman Dawood Al Sabei (Assistant Professor) The Royal Hospital / Sultan Qaboos University National Non - Clinical Qualitative February 1, 2019 View Summary 
4 Abnormal Cytological Pattern of Papanicolaus Smear for Cervical Cancer Screening and Related Factors in Muscat Dr.Eman Al Sekri (Doctor ) Khoula Hospital / OMSB - Oman Medical Specialty Board Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision September 30, 2018 View Summary 
5 The prevalence of and strategies to manage workplace violence among emergency department nurses in four governmental hospitals in Oman: A cross-sectional study Saleema Almaskari (Staff Nurse ) North Sharqiyah / Ibra Hospital Multi-regional Non - Clinical Qualitative July 26, 2018 View Summary 
6 Perceived Confidence on Patient Safety Knowledge among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Oman Jonas Dupo (Nursing Research focal Points) Al-Dhakiliyah / Directorate of Nursing Multi-regional Non - Clinical Qualitative July 4, 2018 View Summary 
7 Prevalence and effect of Lifestyle Intervention among Prediabetic individuals visiting Primary Health Care in Muscat Governorate, Oman Said Ahmed Said Al Hasani (Senior medical officer ) Muscat / Sultan Qaboos University, College of medicine and health sicences Muscat Cohort December 4, 2018 View Summary 
8 Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding cervical cancer screening among Omani women attending the primary health centers in Oman Dr. Marwa Al Raisi (Resident - Medical Officer) Muscat / Oman Medical Speicality Board Multi-regional Non - Clinical Qualitative October 17, 2018 View Summary 
9 Perception and Experiences of Parents with their Affected Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder regarding their Education: A Qualitative Study Zahra Mohammed Al Jardani (Science Tutor Speciality) DGHRD REC / Oman College of Health Sciences/Nursing/Muscat International Qualitative December 25, 2018 View Summary 
10 Assessment of adverse events in Al Buraimi Referral Hospital, Sultanate of Oman:Cross sectional study Said Abdulla Suliman Al alawi (SSN) Al-Buraimi / Al Buraimi Central Hospital Al-Buraimi Non - Clinical Qualitative July 15, 2018 View Summary 
11 Validation study of Mindray G6PD kit in Glucose 6- phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency testing Musleh Al Musalhi (Resident ) The Royal Hospital / Oman Medical Speciality Board (OMSB ), The Royal Hospital Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision January 3, 2019 View Summary 
12 “Pediatric Soft Tissue Sarcoma in Oman; A 10 year’s experience.” Dr.Wajud Al Shibli (Pediatric Resident ) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Cohort February 11, 2019 View Summary 
13 Bacillus-Calmette-Gue´rin (BCG) vaccine related complications in children: Experience of a tertiary care hospital in Oman. Nasra Al Mafarji (Paediatric resident) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative February 11, 2019 View Summary 
14 Endometrial Cancer in Oman, A Single Institution Experience over 9 years Dr. Sharifa Al-Farsi (resident) The Royal Hospital / Royal hospital Muscat Cohort August 29, 2018 View Summary 
15 Bullying, Burnout, and self-reported medical errors among healthcare workers in Oman Amal Al Balushi (Medical Officer) MoH Headquarters / Ministry of Health National Non - Clinical Qualitative October 3, 2018 View Summary 
16 Is Nifedipine superior to Atosiban for tocolysis in preterm labor?: A multicentre randomized control clinical trial Nihal Mohamed Al Riyami (senior consultant ) Khoula Hospital / Khoula Hospital Muscat Clinical Trial September 10, 2018 View Summary 
17 Psychosocial Care Needs of Parents and Children with Childhood Cancer in Oman: Perspectives of Healthcare Providers Amal Al Balushi (Nurse educator) MoH Headquarters / Oman Nursing Institute Muscat Qualitative December 9, 2018 View Summary 
18 Incidence, Outcome and Outcome Prediction in Children with Bordetella Pertussis: A 5 year experience in Oman. Dr. Saif Awlad Thani (pediatric intensivist) The Royal Hospital / Royal hospital The Royal Hospital Cohort December 3, 2018 View Summary 
19 The Diverseness of Arabic and English Morphosyntactic Systems and their Impact on the Writing Skills of the General Foundation Program Students of Omani Ministry of Health. Moustafa Mohamed Abdelmohsen Ibrahim (Senior Specialized Science Tutor) South Sharqiyah / Sur Nursing Institute Multi-regional Non - Clinical Qualitative March 26, 2018 View Summary 
20 The Impact of Adult Health Nursing Classroom Atmosphere to Academic Performance of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students in the Ministry of Health Higher Educational Institutes for the Academic Year 2017-18 in Oman as Perceived by Students and Teachers Mr. Kelvin Bruce Basquial (Science Teacher Specialty) North Batinah / North Batinah Nursing Institute National Non - Clinical Qualitative March 27, 2018 View Summary